New York City based artist Kazuya Morimoto was born and raised in Japan and studied at the Art Factory with Makoto Arimichi. Shortly after graduation, Kazuya moved to New York City to study painting at the Art Students League. Since 2000, he has focused extensively on abstract painting. He was awarded several grants and scholarships and has had exhibitions and public art displayed in New York and Washington DC.
He traveled to Europe in 2006 and goes back every summer for independent study. Since then he has started to sketch and paint street scenes. He also created a printmaking series of imaginary city scapes based on his travels. Now, he can be seen all over Manhattan sketching and enjoying meeting people, drinking good coffee and thinking about his next trip or food.
As his new activity, he is creating miniature architectural sculpture installations inspired by his travels.

You can see his watercolor and printmaking works here.



fine art illustration


abstract painting sculpture installation illustration.